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Our core features are built around the Roblox platform so your users are familiar with how to apply. Additionally, our feature rich and deep integrations allow for greater and more sophisticated automation.

Auto Ranking
Auto Messaging
Auto Accept/Deny
UI Design
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Smart Applications

Our question types and application builder are top of the line. We push the limits with customization and intelligence.

Grammar Checking

We will automatically check your responses for grammar errors, so you don't have too!

Automatic Grading

You can toggle this list and any other part of the feature section to adjust it to your needs.


Using our fleet of bots in Discord and Roblox we can conditionally take action based on your applications.


Integrate your center with Discord to unlock even more features to make it easier for you and your people to manage applications.

Reaction Controls
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How many users/responses do we have?

We have over +17.4K Centers, +18K Users, and +1.207M Responses!

Is this service stable?

myCenter is a stable service that has over 99% uptime. We take pride in our uptime and hope to improve it to 100% within the future. You using the service and help us make it more stable as well.

What sets myCenter apart from other competitors?

Our dedication to our customers, quality product, and innovative approaches.

What is a center?

A center is an application game or website that can allow your users to apply online or on the gaming platform Roblox. You can download it and upload it to Roblox studio or request a subdomain to allow your users to apply online. Our centers are fully customizable and allow you to add staff, unlimited applications, automation, bots, and much more.

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